Beware the Dog
2003-09-24 || I need groceries
Something happened last night. I woke up this morning to gorgeous Georgia Fall weather; clear and crisp and dry. I also had a sore throat. Still drowsy, I wasted this morning on the sofa snuggling with Pappers, my little terrier. I skipped my morning walk for the second day in a row and snacked on a lot of unnecessary candy after my pre-packed dietary lunch. Today has been shot to hell in a handbasket. I am no thinner and my heart is not stronger.

I go home every Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch to walk the dogs. My throat is still sore and I wasted the lunch time, letting the dogs stay out and watching them through the window so that I didn't get dirty. Today, for some reason, I didn't even unroll my sun roof.

I am back at work. Work. John Mayer on the compu-dio (computer radio) and no window looking outside. I finished my major data entry yesterday and my motivation seems to have disappeared with it. I will spend most of the rest of the day hoping that my 3 PM interview will cancel.

Nostalgia. I have such intense feelings of nostalgia at all season changes. Hard hitting - like the impact of baseball bat to the side of my head ... Sore throats, head aches and a small tug of the heart strings. Ahhhhh ... who the hell am I kidding, a big-ass tug.

Season changes always make me want to eat fast food and hit the riverpark with the radio blaring hippie music, a basic cigarette between my lips, cut off shorts and a t-shirt, birkenstocks on my feet. Waiting for the kids, skinny girls with cigarettes and baseball caps, guys in khaki shorts and white t-shirts. Barefoot, sandals, dirty feet .... talking trash and not realizing that we would all have to grow up and join the real world of data entry, interviews, a billion boring phone conversations and the possibility of really running out of money.

Sometimes I look around and wonder how I got here .... to an office job with responsibility and a resume that gets rejected on a regular basis. Why do my eyes hurt from looking at the computer for too long and when did I get such a pile to do that I have to cram the "extras" (like grocery shopping) in?!?!?

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