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2003-08-28 || A great FEET

Would you like to come over and rub my feet?Please?I am so tired �. I never really knew the true definition of tired and/or frustrated until this morning.Dozer had a play date yesterday afternoon � thanks Jane!Subsequently, he woke me up this morning at 5:45 a.m.He had slept so much after his play date that I guess he didn�t get a chance to go potty as much as he needed.So after the first seven or eight walks this morning, B woke up bitching that Papi had peed in the bed.As we were cleaning the �pee�, B felt a drip on the back of his neck.Uh oh.Not pee.Another leak in the ceiling.The.Frikkin.Ceiling.


Ahhhhh � I love this old house.And the best news of all � the landlady has been out of town for three weeks.We were expecting her back two weeks ago.The neighbor watching her house is one of the most dramatic women alive and is very hush hush about the details of when the landlady is returning.


Are you thinking that I have got to be kidding �. joshing �. joking?I wish that I was.But, nah.It ain�t so.


I was late too work because I couldn�t get Dozer to poop the second poop � normally, there are three � I know that you are just quaking in your boots to have this info � but his schedule changed (ie. the play date) throws him off.


We have doggie kindergarten today and Dozer has no idea what his name is!


I am angry and lacking compassion today.Do you think that I want to hear your stupid ass selfish, poor me problem?Not today Buster.


This is what has set me off �. And this.Scroll down and look at the �Bowser� statement for that second one.


Someone come rub my feet and make me better.

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