Beware the Dog
2003-06-05 || Feeling OK

I know that I need to update and that is sad that I have absolutely nothing important to say �.But I know that I need to update when someone e-mails me to tell me that they think it is till raining here.How�s Texas, buddy?Sounds great and I am so happy for you.I am definitely going to try to catch-up on personal e-mails tonight.After I work out. Here is the most recent meaningless chatter of what I�ve got going on.


I gave a monthly training/orientation session yesterday � only SEVEN people showed up an all time-frikkin�-low!Sucks.I am going to be able to get a lot done this month with out having to worry about residual interviews, discussions, e-mail debates and other volunteer problems.There are only SEVEN new volunteers �. CRIKEY!


Huge event this weekend.If you live in the Atlanta area come to North Atlanta H.S. for the Atlanta Humane Society�s annual Flea Fair.I�ll be there � bells on, ya� know what I mean.


I feel like I have spent all week writing lists, adding and subtracting names as I prepare for this weekend.When I was little I would play school and write all these names down and take roll.I never imagined that I would have a job like this when I grew up � if I even count as a grown up.Events freak me out �. I always imagine no volunteers showing up and me being a complete failure.Someone have some extra self-esteem?Anyone?


The boyfriend and I are getting a new dog.Not really.My older sister needs someone to watch her three pound poodle, Killer, for the next few months.It�s like a new play toy for my dobe, Atty. I don�t mind doing her this favor.I almost appreciate it.With the boyfriend starting law school and only one volunteer job I feel a little worthless.OK, a lot worthless.House training this dog for my sister as she prepares to move in with her almost fianc� is a pretty nice gift and makes me feel like I have a purpose.Sad, But true.


I read an article the other day about how to raise self-esteem � you thought that I was kidding when I asked you if you had extra � Nah, dog � I�m for real about that.The article says that people that know who they are � the good, the bad and all that jazz � are people that have confidence.So I started writing a list.I feel good this week.I feel like I know myself and that sometimes I suck but sometimes I can be pretty cool too.And I feel good.And, thanks for asking, the weather has been very nice.So beautiful, in fact, I wish that I was outside all the time.


So, I feel good and worthwhile and busy and that is great.Hope it keeps up.



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