Beware the Dog
2003-06-11 || Cheap Skates

It�s 4:30 p.m.I am sitting in my office.I just clipped my fingernails.Into the trash.But I know that is still a little disgusting.OK � a lot disgusting.I couldn�t help it.They had gotten so long and gross looking.I wanted to grow them out. But not if they are going to look like that.


This past weekend was the longest.We had a giant yard sale event.Yard sales are great because you get to meet the cheapest people ever.Mind you, we are a non-profit organization.There is no reason to try to get an even better deal than the one you are getting.Baring that in mind, here are the phrases that I heard most this weekend:


  • You guys are bargaining, right?(�Yard sale with money going to a non-profit � No, wanna� make a donation ass-wipe?�)
  • Can I get half off?(See above.)
  • Can we deal here? (�Are you crazy?That only costs $.5o and it goes to a non-frikkin-profit!�)
  • Are you asking the full $2 for this item?(Holding an item worth at least $24.�No ma�am, I am asking for $24.�)
  • That person took thefill in the blank here that I wanted so shouldn�t I get a deal on something else?(�Oh, bite me, you entitled little freak.Wanna� fight?�)


I mean gimme� a break.That is just disgusting.There are people that bought seriously nice items �. $100 silver platters for $35 and still wanted a little more off or people that bought ridiculous items like wanting a whole box of used tapes for $5 instead of choosing tapes they wanted for .$25 each.Women carrying expensive handbags haggling over $1 books or 5 for $1 rolls of yarn.Let it go.No one here is worrying about the animals but the next time the AJC bashes the Shelter these people are going to be up in arms about how we euthanized an animal that we couldn�t afford to give the expensive medical attention that it needs.


I get so frustrated.I get so angry.When someone that I know tells me that they can�t believe that we euthanize when they don�t own a pet or volunteer anywhere.How can you judge someone that is trying so much to be a part of their community when you are not.


Drinking beer doesn�t allow for a soapbox, kids.Remember that next time you are throwing a frikkin� dart.

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