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2003-04-11 || Weight up.
Hey Now, It is a quarter to 4 and I am dying - and when I say dying, I mean DYING - to get out of work and head home. My computer had it's weekly breakdown this morning. So I spent the first half of the day trying to get anything that doesn't require a computer, which in my job isn't much, done. After that was done I received my new bathing suit in the mail, showed it to co-workers, discussed how much it doesn't look like it would fit. The bottoms are frikkin huge. I hope J. Crew will let me return them in the store and will mail me a smaller size. I went to the drug store and bought more acne medication. I swear that I thought that I would stop breaking out before I turned thirty but each year I edge closer and closer and the zits will not leave. I also bought a Revlon Illuminance pallet of eye shadow. I already have on. But I saw these colors in Galmour and think that they would look good. Even though I barely ever even wear makeup. There are two weddings coming up so I am pretty sure that I'll wear makeup there. Maybe. Probably, I think ...

When I got back to work the volunteer IT unit was saving my poor computer's life so I went upstairs and checked my e-mail. I am in the middle of staffing and re-staffing all the events that we have this weekend. As of 3 p.m. everything was completely staffed and set up for the weekend. Every single on of my interviews was a cancel or a NO-SHOW, which I really dislike vehemently. Vehemently, I say.

The obese shelter cat is sitting on my desk and staing at me. He is probably trying to think of ways to help me get rid of my acne. Really he probably wants me to give him some hairball medicine. He loves the stuff. Vehemently. I love him so I'll give him a bit.

Well well ... I am ready for a weekend, there is so much going on here this weekend. Home tours and festivals, walks and hopefully some Mexican food and margaritas. Many many margaritas.

I am wearing my Seven jeans today and they are so awesome.

Have a good weekend.

Did you notice that I didn't mention my weight once. Well, once.

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