Beware the Dog
2003-04-09 || Patience.
I have not much to say today. I am appreciative of all the people that have been reading this journal, here. Oh, and for all the kind words when I was whining. Because I like kind words, but especially when I am whiny.

I feel very apathetic recently. The back and the forth - I am either so sensitive or just don't care much what other people think.

I have been trying to get back on a schedule with working out. That always balances me and helps me feel better and sleep. I never really stopped lifting weights but I did slow down to these random twenty-twentyfive minute work outs when I have the time as opposed to scheduling time to really get some exercise. As soon as the weather gets nice I am going to take the dog for a nice long walk - these one blockers aren't really doing much for her.

The weather is crap. I feel very slow moving. But I have a lot of patience. So does Axl.

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