Beware the Dog
2003-06-25 || Yee Haw
Guess what

Guess what?We are planning a vacation FINALLY!San Antonio here we come, well, in about two months.Then � Here we come!I am stoked.Can I say that even though the 80s are over?


We are going to visit our friend Jerms.A guy that we both � me and the boyfriend � met in college.He moved to San Antonio to be closer to his fianc�e � and to go to med school.I am proud and miss him all the same.Jerms is the kind of friend that the boyfriend and I fight in front of. Poor guy.


But you know what I mean, right?


Most of the time if B and I are fighting and we are meeting friends we go completely lovey-dovey as soon as we are around people.It�s like a reflex.A gross and fake reflex, but a reflex all the same.


Not with Jerms.When Jerms is there it is real and mean and cranky.We just love him that much.


Jerms is the only other person besides B and I that our little rat terrier likes.She is petrified of almost everyone.Except for this guy.She forgets that we are alive when she sees him.I swear.It�s like an all over the face-licking, jumping and paw smacking love-fest.


So at the end of July as soon as B quits his job, we are packing the Passat and the dogs and heading west.I have never been to Texas and I have no idea what is in store for us but I am expecting hot-ass weather and cowboy hats.If I come home with spurs will you be jealous?You know that you will.


Today has been so exciting for me as I have started preparing to take days off in August and a day off in July for my birthday.I am at the one slow week of the year for my job; preparing for a party that I have to throw and almost pre-paring for a future event.All my newsletters have been written and mailed.The same for my invitations to the upcoming celebration.It�s so nice to have the time to sit and surf the net and not worry about procrastinating.I am probably forgetting to do something.


And, now, here are three pieces of info for today:


Not to change the subject but �. How hot is Cynthia Nixon here?


If you want to see my sister�s dog, the one that I am dog-sitting � Go here and click on the doggie-cams.He has been on camera 7.You might see him, he is the poodle under everyone�s legs.


�Stripper by night, crimefighter by later night: "Stripperella" is one of the New TNN's centerpiece shows.�Are you kidding?

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