Beware the Dog
2002-12-26 || better, much better
I have been so lazy today. I promised that I would make myself write once a week and all day I have been putting this off. And eating gummy worms and chocolate. Having a four day break from work seems to be promoting the fat ass in me. It takes a mental beating for me to get me to go to the gym these days. My ass will be lifting weights for at least half an hour and jogging til the sweat pours tomorrow before I have to go out and buy a new wardrobe. I am so short that if I go up a size EVERYTHING will need to be hemmed.

Today is kind of a recup from grossness day. I always love holidays but as soon as they come I am bored and lazy and ready to go back to work. If I had my own computer then this would all be easier because I would make myself a web site if I had the chance. But, there is no computer in my home.

So there ... Bored enough for today. Next week will be better ... I promise.

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