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2004-01-03 || feeling better?
HAPPY NEW YEAR .... again and again. My new year celebration started this year at, Goldfish, one of the best sea food restauarants that I have ever been. Says extra about the joint, that I live in Georgia, no where near a coast. The raw oysters were amazing, jumbo shrimp cocktail and ceasar salad in a funky art deco bowl. Yum. B ate scallops with proscuitto, something that would normally freak me out. Scallops are great but proscuitto is just too rich for me. But the scallops at Gold fish .... unbelievable. It's a chain. Try it. Really.

Afterwards we went to B's parent's house. We left at 2 AM when his younger sister's boyfriend started screaming at me about my animal rights/ breeder beliefs. Wha? The hell? At least now I have an excuse never to see them again. Not that I was looking for one. But this does seem like a damned good one to me. I was upset. Held my temper until we got in the car. Then I let loose. No details here.

Tomorrow starts my nine day vacation from work. I finished some year end projects and have confirmed most of the details for the week that I'll be gone and some of the following week. My office is clean. I am ready for the break. I am also hoping to find a new job while I am gone.

Recently, I have been feeling all in all .... gross. Tired all the time and I haven't worked out in a week. Getting so much done at work today was nice. It felt good to be so porductive again. I am back to watching what I eat and as soon as my face clears up I will feel like going out in public again. I am going to do a small work out at home tomorrow and kick some ass while I am off work at the gym next week.

Then, I know, I will feel all better again.

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