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2004-01-30 || weekend
Strangely enough, I checked my site meter today and found out that someone or several someones have been reading this. Poor them, I haven't updated in quite a while. But, pleased I am. And more so because now I feel like someone might read this.

Yesterday was my last day at the job. I surprised myself by damn near crying as I left. This was my first "real" job and while I never really made enough money to be happy or even remotely happy, I learned so much there. I had been dying to get out of there for so long! That place was whack. But seconds before I walked out of there as a staff member for the last time, all that was in my mind was the good times. Weird how that always seems to happen to me.

My boyfriend is entering the second semester of law school. It cracks me up when people ask how long he has and I say 2 and 1/2 years. It feels like we have been at this forever. Sometimes I doubt our ability to saty together through this. I feel lonely and/or pressured almost all the time. I knew what I as getting into. But now I can barely remember when it was good between us.

I have always wanted what I don'y have. I am a strictly grass-is-greener type of girl. Knowing that has not helped me be more accepting in the slightest.

I ate double my weight today. The guilt I feel is probably triple that. Staring tomorrow, lettuce and veggies and rice are becoming staples in my diet!

I know that I have a lot to say. I don't know why it isn't coming out. Maybe tomorrow.

Good weekend.

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