Beware the Dog
2003-05-27 || Back to the Grind Stone, but Barely There

I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.I did.I am not even ready for it to be over.The weather is gorgeous and I had a great time hiking this weekend at mine, and the boyfriend�s alma mater.I love the school because it is so gorgeous!Plus, I can�t wait to play outside tonight.The park is calling to me.


A week or so ago the boyfriend and I went to Maggiano�s for take-out.The have hella� chicken parm and this great cheesy and tomato-y ravioli.Not the best for my diet but I am a firm believer that everyone has to take the time (and the greasy, fried fatness) to have a good time.The joint is always jumping but when we pulled up this time it was like limo-extravaganza- there were three limos and a billion teenagers in their party clothes all over the place.After circling the lot slowly and ignoring the boyfriends swears and curses, I jumped out to grab the food while he kept the car rolling for get-away.I had forgotten about prom-time.


Truth is that I never really made it to my prom.I dressed up and my date and I met friends and went to eat and went to a party at Lake Lanier.But I can�t dance.At all.And I got so freaked out thinking about a re-hash of my Bat Mitzvah.My boyfriend never went to prom.He was shy in high school.


I just don�t get it.I do still have my prom dress that I bought at a secondhand store and never ever wore again.There is a bow on the back of that dress that puts Zsa Zsa to shame.Gaudy and silly, I don�t remember anyone buying thousand dollar gowns or wearing sexy Brittany clothes.But now, it�s a totally different story.Those chicks were sparkling and glammy � They were definitely more Frederick�s than Delia�s.And a few weeks ago, I was in BCBG and there was a girl buying a gorgeous and very adult red sleeveless dress for prom.I do have a red sleeveless dress, but I have never had the balls to wear it out of the bedroom.And I definitely wouldn�t have had 16 or 17 or 18!


I really don�t get it.


*** Not on the subject � but a safety tip.Watch for this guy!



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