Beware the Dog
2002-12-03 || born, again?
aaaaah ... the old switcheroo. i am switching from my old journal to this blog that the boyfriend and i sued to frequent before we were dating and "just friends". for the moment i am going to pretend that i have a wide-ass audience and not get a stats checker or a guest book or anything else remotely tangible. and i am just going to write.

i wish that i could change a few things, like that i had a computer - or the savvy to redesign - the way that i did at my last job. but i don't. so, for the moment, this is it. this is me. and hopefully this secret journal will allow me to say and write whatever i want with out worrying if anyone is reading.

one of my favorite writers stopped writing a while ago and with that she stopped reading. i know because my old journal had a stats checker. i thought that i too could go cold turkey (quitting attymonkey.diaryland) but my lack of creative outlet- creative, as in i create it, not as in artistic and wonderful- was making me sadd-ish. ia m hoping having a journal that no one knows about will allow me to really get some things out that have been in for too long. some feelings, some pain, somw whining, ETC.

i will write about: my dogs, papi and atty; my boring life, apartment, boyfriend, mid-level kind of job, honda; my feelings, all of them and anything else that comes to mind.

if you happen upon me ... please hang around for more. i can be funny.

i promise.

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