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2002-12-07 || the suckiest worker bee
i work on saturdays and right now, i am working on a saturday. i have approximately four minutes before my next appointment should show up ... an interview for a volunteer position ... because that is what i do, manage a volunteer program for a non-profit in atlanta. yup, that'd be the big G.A. for all of you that know what i mean.

i have spent the last half hour giving in and installing a sitemeter on this account because i decided that i need to know who, if anyone, is reading this puppy. several people from my personal life had access to my last journal and at one point to this one so i am trying to maintain a bit more privacy with this one ... anonymity, if you please. so, if you are reading, i will know that someone is ... and i hope that you are, reading, i mean.

i just looked at the clock and realized that my interview person is FOUR minutes late. my biggest problem with my job - or one fo the many - is that i am always reeling myself back in ... i am not nice and i notice it when i am here working with volunteers, taking calls for community service ... i spend so much time frustrated and so much more time frustrated that i get so frustrated. i am the suckiest worker bee ever.

recently i feel like the suckiest everything ever.

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