Beware the Dog
2003-05-10 || Just so you know
Just so ya' know ....

Me? 27, Atlantan - and an almost-native. Inside the Perimeter.

Born? New Jersey.

Looks? Short, Dark.

Likes? Dogs, Cats and Horses. Designer clothes, Shopping. The Gym. Shoes with height. 97% fat free Kosher Hot Dogs. Saurkraut. Irony, Satire and when jokes go in a complete circle. J-Lo, Eminem, Tom Waits and David Gray. When things are a little off-kilter.

Dislikes? Cruel Humor. Unfunny People. People that are too sensitive. Callousness. Brussell Sprouts. Animal Cruelty. Whining. Boredom.

Does? Volunteers. Manages Volunteers. Writes poorly but happily. Goes to the gym.

Dreams of ... Being a writer. Or a stand up comedian.

Has a ... Ceramic Elvis that lives in my office.

Wants a ... six pack stomach and a lot of money. A career writing or making people laugh.

Tell me about you.

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