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2003-05-10 || Your Mother
Tomorrow is Mother�s Day again. By again, I mean that this is another year that I will be non-celebrating Mother�s Day because I don�t have a mother. Or, I don�t have a relationship with my biological mother. I had one. But it sucked. Badly. When I was fifteen my older sister and I moved to my father and step-mother�s house. That was that.

This is my Twenty-sixth Mother�s Day and my eleventh one without a reason to buy a gift.

I could look at the positive side. I am broke. Buying an expensive gift would seriously probably put me in the hole right now.

This year I am going to B�s house with him for Mother�s Day. He bought his mother a gift certificate to a Buckhead Life Restaurant. He also spent the day making hummus and Tiramasu. Tomorrow, on the way to his parent�s house I�ll pick up some flowers for her.

I always feel very awkward around B�s family. I always feel awkward. If you really look at it, the word awkward is pretty awkward in its self.

B�s sisters always give me strange looks and I have a very hard time finding something to say to them.

There is an article on CNN about new scientific findings that people might carry the cells from their mother's blood for years and years after they are born. In one case a woman carried her son's blood cells for twenty seven years after his birth. Other people have carried their mother's cells for over forty years after they were born. Cells for days ... or years, anyway.

The bond between mother's and children has always kind of freaked me out. But this just takes it one - or several - steps further.

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