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2003-05-15 || cranky
No one reads this and I know that. But at the same time ... I feel better (discalimer: sometimes feel better) after writing in here and pretending like people are reading this. Really, I should rid the journal of my stats counter. Because stats counters only cause harm.

I had to quit one of my volunteer jobs this morning because the coordinator there sent an e-mail to all the volunteers urging us to write letters to the county commission about a situtaion that she had wrong info ... OK, there is a lot more to it than that. My work (real, paying work) is involved in the other side - and being greatly harmed - bu what she was urging us to do. Because I work at a place where I am emotionally and financially invested, volunteering at the Horse Park would have been clearly divided loyalties.

And this all sucks. Greatly. I loved volunteering and I believe in what I do at work.

This has been a hard week for me ... B's ex-girlfriend resurfaced, this time as more unstable than ever. For the first time EVER I had to step up to the plate and lay down the law. It sucked.

I have gotten so tired of people telling me what to do. Lectures and self righteousness make me want to scream. Why is it that people always give you their opinion when they are guilty of the same thing.

I am cranky and annoyed.

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