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2003-05-16 || Frikkin' Freaks and their Psychology
Have you ever had the sneaking suspicion that things are not really eaxactly as they may seem? I don't mean like "Matrix-not-how-they-seem", more of a someone is being a little more manipulative, a little more dodgy than most. It's a crappy feeling to be suspect of someone that you care about, someone that plays the type of role in your life that should be trustworthy.

A list of the people that you should easily trust:

1. Your parents.

2. Your boss.

3. Your pets.

4. Your co-workers.

5. Close friends and siblings.

6. Significant Other, Partner, Spouse ...

I am sure there are a few more people that should be on the list. I just can't think of them right now.

Earlier today I had an argument with a co-worker that really frustrates me. I felt attacked because she wasn't getting the answer to a question that she wanted. She started pop-psychology-ing me. Now, if I have a problem and I ask someone for their Psych 101 advice, I understand that I have to suck it up and listen to their response (within reason, of course.) But, I can not stand that EVERYONE in this frikkin' office feels the need to put in their damned 27 cents EVERY time anything happens. Damn straight, I am turning my head away from you if you are not mu supervisor and you have the urge to stand in my doorway and attack me. And when I turn away to avoid a confrontation, don't psych-babble about how, "YOU don't see this as personal. YOU are much too professional. YOU are leaving because YOU can see that I am not as good as you and I am shutting down." All I have to say to that is - Who the hell are YOU? YOU aren't G-d, I don't want your judgments, comments or criticisms and unless you have a PhD in Psychology, Sociology ... Shut yer pie-hole and go take a frikkin' leap.

Normal people don't consisyently tell other people what is wrong with them. Normal people are too busy being normal. You freak!

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