Beware the Dog
2003-08-13 || Meet Dozer

I know � I know �. I have been pretty much MIA for the past week or so.But, damn, it has been busy in my life.I posted the sad news about my Atticus and the crap that we called a vacation.Since we have been back B has started law school � He is orientating this week, we got a new dobe puppy that we named Dozer.Here is a picture but remember it does him no justice and it was taken when he was very very young.He has thinned out and his legs are so long now.But this is all that I have already scanned in.


People always say that puppies are so difficult.It doesn�t seem to be the puppy that is difficult.It is actually the lack of sleep, rest or sitting down that is so difficult.That and that they could trash a house if you don�t watch them every minute.Wish me the best.I need the wishes.


Life is hectic, baby, hectic.I am looking for a new job.A job that pays the big bucks or at least pays more than the meager-bucks.If I don�t find something soon, sister won�t be shopping for the next three years while B is in law school.


I found some perfect jobs at a pretty huge company where I live.The resume and application info had to be sent via the internet.Thinking that it would be a good idea to make myself stand out against the rest of the competition, I called someone I know that works at the company and asker her to get me the names of the contact person for each job.Because she is an angel, she did.I was so proud of my self yesterday.Apparently the only contact person that replied didn�t feel the same way.He replied and said, Thanks for your interest.I am reviewing resumes and if I feel like you are suited to our company and this job then I will call you.�So much for that idea.


I�ll be ajc-ing for jobs today.If anyone knows of anything in the Atlanta area � please e-mail me.

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