Beware the Dog
2003-07-16 || You FOB

Were you wondering why I didn�t update yesterday?It�s because it was my birthday.I am twenty-seven.Twenty-seven years old.It has been twenty-seven years since I was born in Teaneck, NJ.And, no, I was not born in a hotel or motel or in the back of a Chevy.I was born in a hospital or that it what my parent�s claim.Although, suspiciously, I have never seen any record of this hospital birth.


Yesterday I had the best birthday EVER.I planned it myself.This is what I did;I woke up at 8:20 � sleeping late, hey now, took care of the dogs, drove the boyfriend to work, worked out, walked for fifty-five minutes with the Pappers dog, showered, had a massage, shopped for four hours, picked up Maggiano�s carry-out for dinner, picked up the boyfriend, took care of the dogs and got silly drunk.


I found out that I love massages.Love them and can�t wait to go back and schedule another one.After today, I might need to do that soon.




When I got back to the office today I was slammed with e-mails and voice mails.Apparently the world nearly ends if I take a day off.Irate volunteers and even more irate potential volunteers and a near threatening potential community service crowded my day with complaints of calls that had not been returned in the past day that I was out of the office.One guy even came up to my work and wrote me a note this morning.Too bad that I am unable to help him.


I was verbally attacked in a morning staff meeting.The party that I threw on Monday did not meet my boss� expectations.She was hoping that more people would show up.My powers of persuasion have apparently let her down again.Shucks.


Hmmmm �


I bought myself new pants, watch, two shirts, a bra and a sweater at the mall.My parent�s had given me a gift certificate to the Gap.My sister and her fianc�e bought me a new Kate Spade bag; the nylon medium shopper.I carried it to work today.I love it.Very much.


I just got a call from my landlady.My last gift � a new Coach keychain � is waiting for me at home!

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