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2003-01-11 || Who I am, Like it or not.
I am one of those people that is always wishing that they were different, better, smarter, more like other people ... Like a nuprin or better. Or something. ("Little, yellow, different, better.") The below lesson is hopefully a chance and beginning to learn to respect who I really am. Following someday soon ... WHO I WISH I WAS.

Try not to laugh. Too much.


**A lesson in futility, reality and truth. Possibly a chance to gain some perspective.

�Someone who works out on a regular basis.

�Someone who tries to eat well, but doesn�t always.

�Someone who loves her boyfriend, even when she is angry with him.

�Someone who likes to learn but hates to be told what to do.

�Someone who doesn�t take criticism very well.

�Someone who wants a lot of friends but doesn�t want the regulations that goes along with being social.

�Someone who works better on a regimented schedule.

�Someone who doesn�t make a lot of money but believes in what they do.

�Someone who isn�t always completely honest to other people but is trying to learn to always be to themselves.

�Someone who doesn�t want to spend the rest of their life being as average and boring as other people.

�Someone who hates when other people brag.

�Someone who has a hard time concentrating/pushing themselves when they don�t care about what they are working on.

�Someone who wants other people to feel good.

�Someone who doesn�t want to hurt other people.

�Someone who wants to know how to love others well and kindly.

�Someone who wishes they are pretty.

�Someone that their old friends no longer talk to or e-mail.

�Someone who has stolen before � but I like to think not al lot.

�Someone who can be self-righteous � but has been learning to notice when she is and hopefully curb it a bit.

�Someone that KNOWS she is only self-righteous when she is watching other people have negative behaviors that she also has.

�Someone that sees the negative in herself in everyone that she dislikes.

�Someone that has been known to forget that she loves herself.

�Someone that wants to live in reality and know who she really is.

�Someone who will never be bone-jutting thin. But really wants to be!

�Someone that loves reality shows (especially MTV ones), TwoP, on-line journals, writing, volunteering, her family, reading, shopping and her dogs.

�Someone who never takes very good care of her cars.

�Someone who wants to live in New York or Boston � but not until she is rich enough to do so easily.

�Someone who enjoys animals, being outside, small hikes, long walks to the dog-park, being introspective, getting back rubs.

�Someone who wishes she was a lot taller.

�And thinner.

�And more motivated,

�Busier and �


�Someone who waited twenty-six years to hear her daddy say that he was proud of her.

�Then cried when he said it.

�And felt embarrassed.

�Someone who isn�t too upset about this list. But thought that she would be.

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