Beware the Dog
2003-05-22 || Whatta' is goin' on up in herrre?

I hate being broke.And I really hate being broke and having barely any room on my credit card.OK � to be honest, there really wasn�t that much room on the card anyway because when I was in college, I REALLY hated being broke and kind of pretended not to be.I screwed my credit from North Georgia to South Georgia.The credit limit that you get when you have credit is Low Low Low.But, I have become hella� good at paying off a huge chunk almost EVERY pay check (and I get paid every fourteen days.)But I am still poor.Non-profit work might bring lots of good feelings but they aren�t so hot on the paycheck � at least not with me, they aren�t.


My next dog-sitting job isn�t until the end of June.Time flies �and all of that crap.But I still need something sooner.It might be time to get rid of some of the older suits and stuff that I have � via CONSIGNMENT.I have never actually sold anything consignment before.If anyone has any advice, plant it on me, baby.(Consignment advice or ways to make EXTRA cash � with out prostituting myself or the boyfriend, I mean.)


I love the New York Post Entertainent section in a way that isn�t natural or completely normal.Today�s mentions all the latest guys!Ruben won American Idol � No shit, eh?I barely EVER watch the show and I could have told you that the heart-attack in motion was going to be the next idol.It�s bizarre to me that on the first few shows they cut everyone that they say �Doesn�t have the look�and then the last few standing are always so bizarre.I mean, don�t get me wrong, that man can sing!He can sing like nobodies business.But sex appeal?Idol appeal?Even Justin Timberlake in his tackiest Michael Jackson apparel looks more like he can freak it in the bedroom than 350 pounds of down home southern cookin� and you should see what that kind of grease does to your insides.Not that I ever have, but I can imagine.

Speaking of the youngest Jackson boy � Apparently depositions make his tummy churn so much that he was hospitalized last night.Don�t worry about the human plastic though � He was only in for a few hours.Apparently Michael is getting sued bya man �who is a "long-time family friend and associate," Oxman said. Jackson and his attorneys do not believe the man's claims have merit.�� The royalties "are from old Jackson Five songs, which were sung, and claims regarding who owned the copyright to those songs and who was it that should be receiving the royalties," he said.��� C�mon dude � leave Michael alone.You have no right to his money.Not then, not frikkin� now.

Speaking of always getting sued.Poor Marshall Mathers (my babies daddy, if he�ll only let it happen.)This guy is getting sued for a million dollars by someone that his mom tried to sue the Board of Marshall�s elementary school over.Talk about victimization.If you are an asshole when you are a child and bully someone that then becomes famous, them talking trash about you in their music is actually the BEST thing that could happen to you.Be glad and back the hell off.

I have to work � why?Because no one will do it for me.I try to make them all the time.

Have a good day and if you are in Atlanta with me.Stay the hell outta� the rain!


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