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2003-05-23 || Judging Them

This morning, near the end of Papi's and my walk, the Police Marshall�s car was sitting approximately one house down from my house.Sadly, seeing the police as I walk in the morning is fairly common � and somewhat welcome � in my neighborhood.With the decline in the Economy, crime has risen and risen exponentially on my block.Car chases, flashers, rapists and whores seem to like my side of town!However, as they marshall and his side-kick slid back into their car and drove off this morning, I saw a thin, middle-aged woman standing in the alley watching.After they left, as I was walking right past her, she said, �They kicked me out.I have no place to go.�

Well, sister, there is nothing that I can do for you.Despite the designer jeans and ability to pay my rent monthly, there is no room for an extra roommate � and especially not one that can�t afford rent.Or has a crack habit, from the look of this situation.

Piss-poor economy hits everyone.Well, not everyone, George W. � and my step-mom that actually said to me a few months ago, �The economy is that bad?� while juggling polaroids of all the new jewelry that she has lined up on the green marble kitchen counter to ask my dad to purchase for her.


Congress has passed another bill that �almost assures thirteen weeks of aid� to people that still don�t have jobs.If one more frikkin� republican says that their top priority isn�t getting aid for these people, but really it should be finding jobs for them, I�m gonna� scream.These aren�t the dregs of society and just because your white ass grew up in an affluential neighborhood and daddy paid for your college and internships, that doesn�t mean that you have any right to think that you are better than people with out jobs.Your Enron and your BIG Texas Corps have screwed over America, big man, now watcha� gonna� do about it?!?!?

I love when there are great things going on in the world!

I wanna� give a hell yea to Nisha Sharma.What a woman to stand up for her rights.I hope that they remember her name in the next re-writing of textbooks.

Check it out!It seems that even the dogs are getting up on all the awards now!They deserve it �. It only seems fair.

Atlanta is frikkin� going to crap it seems.The front cover of the AJC actually has a headline about the weather �. But when you turn to the Atlantasection all there is are complaints about how poorly the garbage service, sewer service, schools are.I understand wanting to live the high life.Who doesn�t really?But c�mon � you have to be kidding me when your city is falling to crap and you are so selfish that you charge the city so you can rent a JAG for a business trip.Hondas too good fer ya�?(And a judge of all people.)

Judge, n. [OE. juge, OF. & F. juge, fr. OF. jugier, F. juger, to judge. See Judge, v. i.] 1. (Law) A public officer who is invested with authority to hear and determine litigated causes, and to administer justice between parties in courts held for that purpose.

The parts of a judge in hearing are four: to direct the evidence; to moderate length, repetition, or impertinency of speech; to recapitulate, select, and collate the material points of that which hath been said; and to give the rule or sentence. --Bacon.

2. One who has skill, knowledge, or experience, sufficient to decide on the merits of a question, or on the quality or value of anything; one who discerns properties or relations with skill and readiness; a connoisseur; an expert; a critic.


I get so frustrated when even our judges can pull this kind of crap.

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