Beware the Dog
2003-06-18 || I (heart) B

Why is it still raining?Really.Why?If I wanted this weather I would have moved to Seattle.Not to mention � where the hell is my umbrella?I know that I had one but I am starting to become concerned that it was washed away in a rainstorm.Seriously.I walked my dogs this morning at 7:45 a.m. and now, over an hour later, I am still drying off.Sucks.


It has been a busy week for me.Monday I spent the entire day grocery shopping, buying a vacuum and other household items, cleaning, doing laundry and dusting.I cleaned for over four hours.I cleaned for so long and so hard that I broke a sweat.


There are about three reasons that I had such a HUGE cleaning;

  1. Our vacuum broke approximately one month ago and I had not had the time to buy one.Don�t judge.I know this is disgusting.But I have been so busy with G-d Knows What � work, special events, volunteer job that I missed the monthly meeting, dog-sitting, friend�s father�s memorial services.My apartment was gathering a layer of dust approximately two inches thick.
  2. The boyfriend freaked because I am dog-sitting a three-pound dog and he feels overwhelmed having three dogs in the house.Also, he is starting school in less than a month and I could be wrong but I really think that might have something to do with it.
  3. I was afraid that if I didn�t get the apartment clean we might die in the mess that was accumulating.


Ever get to this point?It�s. Not. Fun.It is disgusting and exhausting and out-of-control.So I cleaned. For. Hours.


Around 4:30 p.m. I was walking around my place looking for any thing that I might have forgotten when I noticed that the stereo in the corner of the living room was covered in dust.I went to grab a dust cloth and get to work on the stereo but as I got closer I saw that the Boyfriend had written, �I (heart) �Dobe��in the dust.


Oh my.


I put the rag away and sat down to watch The Wedding Video.Not bad.OK.I haven�t finished it.Half way through I decided that I had to go to the grocery store.So I did.But the video was different than I thought and characters were not playing their �Real World� selves.Not exactly.I�ll admit that I am a sucker for reality television and MTV�s reality tele the most.I love the stuff.Can�t get enough and even better if you don�t know about it already, you can go here and read the best, most honest, most cruel recaps ever!Love it.The forums are fun also.


OK �. I really have to work.But before I go � All dobe lovers check this out!I think it sounds awesome.


Oh �. And �. I (heart) B.

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