Beware the Dog
2003-03-08 || is this grown up?
What am I doing on this hella� gorgeous Saturday afternoon? Sitting on my ass, in my office with no outside window as I type another story-less diary entry that will doubtfully be read by anyone besides me. It�s 3:58 or 3:59 depending on whether you happen to be looking at my computer clock or my phone clock. My boyfriend is coming to get me in an hour so that we can drive to a chain restaurant in Marietta to meet my sister and her boyfriend. The first boyfriend meeting � and I am all margarita and Mexican food hungover.

I sucked it up and got a credit card this past week. I am trying to rebuild the credit. The card and the purchase of my leased car are attempts to get the credit and the cheapness going so that I�ll be ready when the boyfriend starts law school in the Fall. We will be even poorer than we are now. I guess I am going to have to make do with the clothes that I have at home for a while because I am scared and going into saving � or � uh � hiding.

I am nervous for many a reason. I am not sure how safe I feel struggling with my (common law at this point) boyfriend as he gets through law school. My mom did that at one point and now only my stepmom is grateful, If you know what I mean? Wink wink.

Not that I am in a rush to get married �. I would just hate to end up bitter � and with jowls.

The GRE study guide manuals are sitting on the floor near my desk and I know that I need to get them home so that I can get my ass in gear about furthering my education. I don�t even know why I haven�t yet. I swear that I�ll do that tonight.


Yesterday was my year anniversary at work. I haven�t had my review yet � but even if I get bashed, which is likely because I am not a favorite of my boss � please pray for me to get a substantial raise. I really really need one

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