Beware the Dog
2003-03-05 || to say, to say
What to say �. Ahhhhhhh �. What to say?

I work for an animal shelter � you know, for a small and meager wage and this past week a nearby county found a woman who was hoarding many small dogs. Because the shelter where I work is able to do more adoptions, due to location, experience and size, we took the dogs. We thought that there would be about fifty � piece of cake for a facility that can hold about 300 animals on any given day. Over one hundred of these little, poop covered dogs showed up last week. All of them needing baths, homes, vet care �.

When I got to work this Saturday at 8:45 a.m. � yeah, I work Saturdays and pride myself on being on time if not early � there was about 200 people standing outside the shelter. The paper reported the dogs � this was excellent because we have been having a lot of bad press recently. How bad can the press be when you work at an animal shelter? Pretty devastating � people are very emotional about animals � Who can blame them really? I lied and told the billions of people waiting at the door that I was important and therefore needed to get inside. It worked.

Because of the amount of people there all weekend � and because I am the only person in our Volunteer Services Dept. (besides volunteers, that is). I came to work Sunday and Monday also to manage the volunteers, take dogs to vets to be spayed and neutered and to assist with crowd control and handling complaints. Good times were had by all. I am sure that you can imagine. We called the police to come control swarms of irate people that had been waiting outside our facility for hours before we opened the doors at 10 a.m.

Tonight I will stay at work until 9:30 p.m. giving a volunteer orientation session. Good times. Good times.

I went out and got a Chick Fil A Sandwich, grilled, no butter, for lunch and then ruined it with the amount of chocolate that I ate. Someone call me and tell me that one day won�t make a difference. I keep going in the bathroom to check and see if I am fatter. Then I am disgusted with myself for being a loser.

Getting in shape �. The glory, the pain, the suffering. Only I could make getting in shape into an Olympic event, something to put on my resume as a hobby.

My boyfriend is buying a computer � has bought, it is a Dell and we are waiting for it to arrive. From then on � I promise to update more and write more stories. Although you probable haven�t even read any �. Yet �.

Do you even exist?

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