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2003-03-29 || shopping
Unbelievably, I am writing two days in a row. I have been on a buying streak recently: my new Burberry bag (although that is a gift!), Nicole Miller sandals on sale for $85.00 ... and today, being out of control, a little bored and tired of working on Saturdays ... I bought a pair of Seven jeans. They are so hot - and I can�t wait until they get here!

Last night B�s parents took us to dinner. They were celebrating his law school acceptance and his mother�s acid peel. Her skin really is baby-ass smooth but when she described what they do to do the peel - bleeeeeccccchhhh. Freaky freaky. I am as materialistic and narcisistic as the next girl. Actually, probably more so than most of the next girls. But I frikkin� hate pain. I am dying to whiten my teeth but I don�t think I would have a chemical people even if got rid of all my acne for the rest of my life - and by that I mean the next seventy or so years.

I am babysitting for my younger sibs overnight tonight. One of my long-time closest friends is coming with me. I am relieved that B and I have a night off from one and other .... but I won�t see him at all today.

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